Well, we just fell in love with the place..

This will be a classic entry, but leaving home-work routine in Istanbul and settling in Bodrum was one of the best decisions we ever made.

We had a plan for years to prepare a guide/blog that tells people about Bodrum, where we had traveled all over for years, but we always wanted it to be experience oriented, not just about amazing food culture, as every blogger did. This ancient city is really not just made up hotels, marinas, city center and shopping stores.

Everybody who thinks like we do, can take the photos we took all over the Peninsula, smell the fresh air and collect good memories. The #triptobodrum map, Be an Explorer! came from this idea. You can navigate right to those locations and experience different points of Bodrum, there are nearly 70 of them on the map.

While preparing this site, we noticed that there is one more thing that bothers us. Our friends, who could only come to Bodrum for limited holiday periods, but were not satisfied with the tours they attended, led us to become a tour agent as the best experts in the city. This is when Oprom Tourism Ltd. is born.

We decided to work with Viator®, a TripAdvisor company that offering not just the best quality activities in Bodrum, they offer the best prices even in the season with their “Best Price Guarantee” policy. You will pay the same amount for activities either through agency links (like ours), or direct purchases through Viator website (shown below).

This screen is an agency link, with our name near Viator logo.

This is the same tour page, clicked from another device.

If you purchase an activity clicking our links, Viator (if you wish) will share contacts of your organizers’ and your information with us. In this way, we can help you with any problems you may have during your trip. As your agents, we will assist you in both Turkish and English languages.


Please use the contact forms and ask anything you will need. We wish you a pleasant trip in Bodrum!