Blue Cruise Around Bodrum Bays

Discover the beautiful blue waters of Bodrum Bay on this full-day boat cruise. Sail along the coasts of the Bodrum Peninsula and take in the beautiful views of the Taurus Mountains. Stop to swim at a number of spots throughout the day and soak up the sun on secluded beaches. Enjoy a delicious lunch & drinks onboard and relax the day away in the Turkish sunshine.


  • Spend the day in the sea and sunshine on a cruise of Bodrum Bay
  • Swim in a number of beautiful spots and relax on secluded beaches
  • Enjoy a delicious lunch and variety of cold drinks
  • Receive complimentary round-trip hotel transportation.

You will go to Bodrum harbour and embark on the 2-deck boat. The boat will sail along the rocky coasts with the view of the Taurus mountains. There will be several stops for swimming in most beautiful gulfs as the Aquarium Bay, Rabbit Island or Black Island.

You may feel the smooth breeze while getting your tan and sipping your drinks. You will pass pine forest, secluded beaches and virgin bays as well.

The crew will prepare tasty lunch for you: grilled chicken or fish with rice or pasta and salads. You may look forward to animations and music on the boat. If you are lucky you will be able to see dolphins. Visiting Bodrum you cannot miss it.

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