Bodrum Private Boat Trip

Take a break with your group from crowded cruises and rigid tour schedules with this private boat tour. Rent a yacht for any day and any time and once you’re on board, use your time the way you want. Read a book or sunbathe in the Turkish sun, sail around Bodrum’s coastal landmarks for some great photo opportunities, go snorkeling in the area’s many small natural harbors or even try your hand at fishing.


  • Depending on when you set sail, enjoy a complimentary lunch or dinner on deck
  • Staff are on hand all day to serve up drinks and make you feel welcome
  • Don’t get lost finding the harbor: no-fuss hotel transfers are available
  • Simply show your cellphone ticket when you arrive to get on board.

Private boat trip can be organized any day upon your request. When booking please specify an exact time when you would like to begin your trip. Morning, afternoon and evening options are available and the total duration of the boat tour is 5 hours.

On the boat you can relax, sunbath and enjoy the beauty of Bodrum coast. You can stop any places you like and swim in the warm waters of the turquoise sea. If you wish you can use fishing and snorkeling equipment.

Depending on time you chose to go on a boat trip your lunch or dinner will be included and all day long soft drinks. We ensure you a good service on the boat and hospitable staffs that will try to make your day memorable.

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